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As NOT Seen On TV

From Prison to CEO

Feb 24, 2021

When Marcus was 15 years old he was arrested and sentenced to spend 8 years in adult maximum-security prisons for carjacking a man in a shopping mall parking lot. By the time he served the first 2 years he became very dark and depressed, so his mom made a promise to him in a prison visiting room. She promised to write a letter or send a picture every day for the remainder of his sentence – and those letters would become his saving grace as it kept him connected to his family and his community but moreover, it helped him envision what life could look like after prison.

But it wasn’t until after Marcus finished his sentence that he realized the financial burden that his mother endured by staying connected to him while incarcerated. Following his 2004 release from prison, Marcus Bullock launched a successful construction business that grew to employ other returning citizens. In 2012, Bullock also founded Flikshop Inc., a mobile app that helps families easily stay connected with their loved ones by sending postcards and messages with a mission of using social connections to decrease recidivism.

Today, Flikshop works hard to keep every person in every cell connected to their family members and other community resources, prior to their release...just like Marcus' mom did while he was in prison. Check out Flikshop and more about Marcus Bullock here: